Oil and Gas

Nujum Elebtikar, have through the strategic deployment of their operational office bases in iraq ensured that they are in the majority of the key Oil & Gas Exploration, Extraction, Production and Distribution centers across the globe. We are always looking to expand our operational network and never afraid to go where our competition fear to tread.


Nujum Elebtikar have mobilised workers both onshore and offshore across all the major Oil & Gas producing regions in over 20 different country locations. Our in-country presence of dedicated ground teams supported by our specialist mobilisation service centres in Dubai, Nigeria and Brazil enable us to ensure that our clients’ workforce welfare is catered

Construction Contracting

Construction, Maintenance, demolition, renovation, Operation and maintenance of plants, Mechanical and Electrical Works, Smithers and Carpentry works, Road Works and Supply of Manpower and Equipment.


The product consists of Pipes and Pipe fittings, Gaskets springs, Hydraulic hoses, Electrical and Electronic Components including PLC and DCS, Motors, Consumables lake lubes, conveyor belts, rollers, Bearings, HVAC products like grills, diffusers, ducting sheets, insulation materials for underground piping, duct supports, electrical cables, switchgears portable electric tools, welding consumables and equipment, steel, cement and glass refractory’s and cutting tools.

Visa Services

Iraq Entry Visa:
Iraq Nujum Elebtikar provide Iraq entry visa which required for most private American citizens who plan to visit Iraq. Person should not rely on obtaining a visa upon arrival at an airport or port of entry in Iraq.
Fast: Iraq Nujum Elebtikar specializes in securing Iraq visas and can help you secure a Iraq visa.
Easy: the easiest way to get a visa and can secure in as little as one day. We process Iraq visas at the Iraq Embassy every day for residents of all 50 states.

Airport Services

Iraq Nujum Elebtikar is pledging for growth based on service quality, Airport Terminal Services, Ramp Scrubbing, Jetway Maintenance, Baggage System Maintenance, Fuel Pit and Hydrant System Maintenance, Ramp Control Tower Operations, Flight Supervision, Coordination, Security and innovation in its handling processes. Provides services to meet the individual needs of airport throughout its whole network.

Blood Test Services

We provide affordable blood tests without need of any insurance or a doctor. Take control of your health care costs by buying your wellness lab tests from Iraq Nujum Elebtikar, the only direct labs provider that offers low-price and customer-satisfaction guarantees. And Iraq Nujum Elebtikar strictly adheres to Privacy and HIPAA Policies so no one will see your results unless you authorize it.

Oil Field Pass Services

Iraq Nujum Elebtikar provide oil field pass services and issuing such field passes which are required for any person. The ultimate goal of this service is to improve the safety performance of the Contractors and the Exploration and Production Operators and to assist both in satisfying federal, state and industry regulations and recommended practices.